First blog post – My 3rd 711 Trail Race 2017

This is the post excerpt.


Last February 19th, the annual race of 711 Trail series was held at Timberland Heights, San Mateo Rizal (www.trail711.com), this time its called “711 Trail 2017”, I joined the 30Km leg as advised that the 40km race is not for slow riders haha! This will be my 3rd 711 Trail race to participate and it was MUD! (not Mad), because there was so much Mud and many riders hike and “tulak” all the way up because of many un-rideable conditions.


My first Mountain Bike race was the 711 Trail 1500 back in February 2015 and the experience was awesome and rewarding… it was tough and we only rode Timberland once for a Track read, I got my riding buddy with me, Marlon to see if we can survive this kind of Race.

Now it’s my third 711 Trail already and every race was a different experience compared to the previous two (I will “latepost” the other races some other time).


One purpose of this blog post is being prepared especially for race newbies, there are some major factors for each race and for this years 711 Trail, IT WAS THE MUD! The weather was not cooperative in the previous nights at San Mateo Rizal so the result was, the trail condition was not that “rideable”. Preparedness is the Key, so some tips I can give (personal tips, I’m not a PRO) so let’s begin:

Practice: This is one of the priority a newbie or even some with race experiences already,  we need to log some mileage yes, but make sure you familiarize yourself with the Trail itself, so do your “Track Read”. Always nice to ask some veteran riders of the trail before going in… Riding the trails is very much different compared with your usual “padyakan” rides. You can get lost as well, make sure you also do your track read at least 1 week before the race, at least the Trail markers of the race is already in-place, you guys just need to follow.

Hydrate: Not ONLY during the race, but before… the night before you should be drinking lots of fluids because those intake you did will take effect after 2-3 hours in your body. DO NOT HYDRATE before gun start, you will feel bloated and not perform efficiently. Take sips during the race if needed.



Equip Yourself: Make sure you check your equipment before the race. As an addition to your usual gears (Helmet, Gloves, Protective Gears etc.) you need to have on your bag the necessary stuff… For me I always bring the following: Multi-Tool, Chain link, Zefal Tire Patch Kit, Gu Energy Gel, Snickers (or Choco Mucho pag wala budget)




As an Addition, this years 711 was Wet and Muddy, one thing I learned is to wear Surgical Gloves under your usual Bike Gloves, this will prevent your hands from freezing and wet the whole time:


The rest will be ENJOY! Mountain biking should be Fun and for your overall Wellness, whatever happens make sure you ride safely and enjoy… For me Only because I’m not the “Podium” guy and or the young guns we call “XC mamaw”

With that, I’m sharing you some pics during the race and then some.

Woke up early for this!


Some Laguna Riders came to experience 711 Trail


Entry point of Blue Zone: (My Humps)


Marlon at the Humps!


…about to go up

16865024_1691669864464700_7956737725303203341_n 16997696_1690730797891940_4659891385515176431_n

The EDSA Traffic got nothing on this…


When in doubt, Tulak!


Ka Vergel Area was the major Choke Point, Too Much Mud!

20170219_105056 20170219_113255 20170219_123158

and of Course, you have to get that “Medal Shot” all worth it???


Nagcarlan-Calauan-San Pablo-Rizal Laguna Route

I would like to try this new Route which will start on our other place in Brgy.Maravilla Nagcarlan Laguna. So one nice morning i hopped into my Scott Spark and start my solo ride at 630AM.

Sunukan nyo lang magtapon ng Basura! yari kayo kay Chairman


From Nagcarlan to Calauan was a breeze… then ascent going to San Pablo starts, it’s not too difficult even for beginners, gradual and nice uphill climb. I have not eaten breakfast yet and I was startving, I saw this place along the highway called “Mami sa Wawa” entering San Pablo City, and for Php 60 Special Mami with Egg, it was awesome…it’s an 80%-20% split, meaning 80% laman and only 20% actual Noodles 🙂

Special Mami with Egg at “Mami sa Wawa” San Pablo City, Laguna


Going through Sam Pablo is nice in the Morning, I see quite a number of Bikers ringing their “bells” and waving to me… truly appreciated. I Pass by the San Pablo Church, which is currently having a mass. So I just said hi to the Lord before proceeding to my short ride.

San Pablo Church (The Bell tower is under construction)20170716_074710

San Pablo is the land of 7 Lakes, the major one is the “Sampalok Lake” which is passable inside the City roads. Overlooking spots are located in the Poblacion area, which we can see the lake and the Mountain chain of Laguna including the mystical Mt.Banahaw.

Sampalok lake feat. Mt.Banahaw


Going back to Nagcarlan I pass by 2 more Lakes (Palakpakin Lake and Pandin Lake), unfortunately i did not took some shots because I was trying to find my way to Rizal Town. Those 2 lakes are smaller and cleaner than Sampalok.

After the town of Rizal, I reached the Poblacion area of Nagcarlan, and this town is popular with I believe the only Underground Cemetery in the country. The Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery (Libingan sa Ilalim ng Lupa ng Nagcarlan) is a national historical landmark and museum in Barangay Bambang, Nagcarlan, Laguna supervised by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines. It was built in 1845 under the supervision of Franciscan priest, Fr. Vicente Velloc as a public burial site and its underground crypt exclusively for Spanish friars, prominent town citizens and members of elite Catholic families.

So I passed by and checked it out, as the last time I was here is when i was in Grade 4.


After this stop I went home back to Brgy. Maravilla, all downhill and speedy ride from here… My total ride distance I believe is 42Km, not bad for a quick and scenic morning ride. Will definitely ride this route again when I’m in Nagcarlan.

Quick Ride to Daranak Falls

As part of my weekly escape, I try to make sure I ride out with an agenda and this time my destination is the Daranak Falls at Tanay Rizal. There are couple of route going to Daranak Falls if you are coming from Manila, but I selected the Maralique Hiway. Marilaque or Marikina-Rizal-Laguna-Quezon for short,  is a highway that starts in Marikina and goes all the way to the Sierra Madre Ranges of Rizal, the mountaintops of Laguna, and, finally, to Infanta, Quezon. This for me is one of the most scenic rides nearby Manila.

The misty morning of Baras on our way to our starting point was Spectacular!


This ride I’m with my riding bud Marlon, and we start at Park, Rest and Dine at Baras Rizal (medyo shortcut hehe!). So I park my car there, prep our bikes and some stretching done, and we are off.

Park, Rest and Dine (Baras Rizal) along Marilaque Hiway.


Just a couple of clicks from our starting Point, you can reach Palo Alto Falls. This is now on a private subdivision but you can enter for a Fee to see the falls. There are Bike parking inside and quite safe (I shall post our Palo Alto ride separately)


You can also pass by the Masungi Georeserve (Google it), We cannot go inside as it needs advance booking and Php 700 per head (Minimum group of 7) so a snap of the Masungi area is enough for now:


Roadkill is a common sight…


Amazing view on our way up Marilaque20161009_082035

More climbing i guess…


We have reached the entry point of the Daranak Falls. as you can see at the pic, Calinawan Cave is also at the same location, you just need to climb up from the Falls. All are well maintained and it’s usually packed in Summer time. Best time to go probably is on weekdays and off-season.


Behold… The Daranak Falls!


Our Bikes cannot go inside the Falls area, so we left them at the Gate… Now time to dive!


The stream before the Falls area is like the scene from “Tabing Ilog” I can imagine Rovic and Eds walking along the riverside…


The Dadbod shot!


More of my adventures soon… Ride safe!

Lake Caliraya “Homecourt” Ride

I was born and raised in Lumban, Laguna… a real “Probinsyano” mountain biker, so when i got the chance to go home once in a while, I’ll try to make sure I ride up to our Tourist Jewel, Lake Caliraya! Situated at the top of the Sierra Madre mountains of Brgy Caliraya and Brgy.Lewin Lumban Laguna up to the town of Cavinti, the Caliraya Lake is a Man-made lake with the sole purpose to serve as a Reservoir for the Kalayaan-Caliraya Hydroelectric Plant, so this basically powers most part of Luzon.

This Picturesque lake is quite precious for me personally so when I ride up to the mountains of Caliraya, it felt home… so  I call it my “Homecourt” ride…(in Basketball term).

This ride I was with my childhood buddy, Gerald, which I’m quite happy he started MTB recently and very passionate about it.

Going up to the Lake, you can see our Beloved Town of Lumban and the majestic Laguna de Bay:


Gerald is being pushed to the Limits on the Caliraya uphill hehe!


Caliraya Lake


The Spillway of the Dam



Gerald Hari ng Spillway!




Going down on our way home, you can see this small Dam at Cavinti, i was tempted to cross it…so I didscreenshot_20170121-095840

Naputulan ng Kadena, Padyak pa din!


All the way Up…


Back to where it started…Hometown