Lake Caliraya “Homecourt” Ride

I was born and raised in Lumban, Laguna… a real “Probinsyano” mountain biker, so when i got the chance to go home once in a while, I’ll try to make sure I ride up to our Tourist Jewel, Lake Caliraya! Situated at the top of the Sierra Madre mountains of Brgy Caliraya and Brgy.Lewin Lumban Laguna up to the town of Cavinti, the Caliraya Lake is a Man-made lake with the sole purpose to serve as a Reservoir for the Kalayaan-Caliraya Hydroelectric Plant, so this basically powers most part of Luzon.

This Picturesque lake is quite precious for me personally so when I ride up to the mountains of Caliraya, it felt home… so  I call it my “Homecourt” ride…(in Basketball term).

This ride I was with my childhood buddy, Gerald, which I’m quite happy he started MTB recently and very passionate about it.

Going up to the Lake, you can see our Beloved Town of Lumban and the majestic Laguna de Bay:


Gerald is being pushed to the Limits on the Caliraya uphill hehe!


Caliraya Lake


The Spillway of the Dam



Gerald Hari ng Spillway!




Going down on our way home, you can see this small Dam at Cavinti, i was tempted to cross it…so I didscreenshot_20170121-095840

Naputulan ng Kadena, Padyak pa din!


All the way Up…


Back to where it started…Hometown



Author: bogartmtb

Mountain Biker, Dad, Probinsyano, Mailroomer

2 thoughts on “Lake Caliraya “Homecourt” Ride”

    1. May tambayan sa itaas, tindahan ng buko, dun tumatambay mga bikers. Then madami kainan sa tapat ng lake at parking ng Caliraya Recreation resort. Madami pa madadaanan…


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