Nagcarlan-Calauan-San Pablo-Rizal Laguna Route

I would like to try this new Route which will start on our other place in Brgy.Maravilla Nagcarlan Laguna. So one nice morning i hopped into my Scott Spark and start my solo ride at 630AM.

Sunukan nyo lang magtapon ng Basura! yari kayo kay Chairman


From Nagcarlan to Calauan was a breeze… then ascent going to San Pablo starts, it’s not too difficult even for beginners, gradual and nice uphill climb. I have not eaten breakfast yet and I was startving, I saw this place along the highway called “Mami sa Wawa” entering San Pablo City, and for Php 60 Special Mami with Egg, it was awesome…it’s an 80%-20% split, meaning 80% laman and only 20% actual Noodles 🙂

Special Mami with Egg at “Mami sa Wawa” San Pablo City, Laguna


Going through Sam Pablo is nice in the Morning, I see quite a number of Bikers ringing their “bells” and waving to me… truly appreciated. I Pass by the San Pablo Church, which is currently having a mass. So I just said hi to the Lord before proceeding to my short ride.

San Pablo Church (The Bell tower is under construction)20170716_074710

San Pablo is the land of 7 Lakes, the major one is the “Sampalok Lake” which is passable inside the City roads. Overlooking spots are located in the Poblacion area, which we can see the lake and the Mountain chain of Laguna including the mystical Mt.Banahaw.

Sampalok lake feat. Mt.Banahaw


Going back to Nagcarlan I pass by 2 more Lakes (Palakpakin Lake and Pandin Lake), unfortunately i did not took some shots because I was trying to find my way to Rizal Town. Those 2 lakes are smaller and cleaner than Sampalok.

After the town of Rizal, I reached the Poblacion area of Nagcarlan, and this town is popular with I believe the only Underground Cemetery in the country. The Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery (Libingan sa Ilalim ng Lupa ng Nagcarlan) is a national historical landmark and museum in Barangay Bambang, Nagcarlan, Laguna supervised by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines. It was built in 1845 under the supervision of Franciscan priest, Fr. Vicente Velloc as a public burial site and its underground crypt exclusively for Spanish friars, prominent town citizens and members of elite Catholic families.

So I passed by and checked it out, as the last time I was here is when i was in Grade 4.


After this stop I went home back to Brgy. Maravilla, all downhill and speedy ride from here… My total ride distance I believe is 42Km, not bad for a quick and scenic morning ride. Will definitely ride this route again when I’m in Nagcarlan.


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